Knowledge Centers in Limburg

After the closing of the mines and certain other industries in Limburg, there was a push to prevent a brain-drain, and breeding grounds were created to bring creativity and knowledge together, a place where start-ups would have opportunities, and innovative ideas could be encouraged. Welcome to Limburg, the knowledge region in Belgium.

There are currently eight knowledge centres in Limburg, and two more will be added in the spring of 2017. This knowledge and specialisation in Limburg can also be used to make your meeting or conference a success. Not only do the various incubators and campuses offer meeting rooms, but tours can also be organised. It is also possible to arrange for a start-up company, professor or someone specialised in a certain area to give a presentation at your meeting.

Overview of the current knowledge centres in Limburg:

GreenVille: Clean technology and circular economy
C-Mine Crib:Creative and innovative business
IncubaThor: Technology, innovation and energy
BioVille: Health & care
BikeVille: Cycling economy
Agropolis: Agricultural innovation
Corda Inc.: IT and high-tech
Flanders Make: propulsion technologies in the automotive sector