Innovative Incentives

Why should you organise an incentive (rewarding a team) or teambuilding event?

  • The ideal reward & appreciation
  • Motivation for employees to achieve good results and meet targets
  • Kick-off for a new policy or product launch
  • Teambuilding strengthens the bonds between colleagues and boosts team spirit
  • Reinforces loyalty on the part of personnel and/or customers
  • Transfer of knowledge and information during an international sales meeting or educational trip
  • A relaxed way to get to know your customers, competitors and colleagues better in a context outside of the work floor

Just like in other cities and regions, Limburg offers plenty of opportunities for active, creative, exclusive and amusing activities. If you would like to receive concrete examples or a quotation, please contact the following event organisers in Limburg:

  • Eventbureau To the Point Events
  • Eventbureau Cocomo
  • Eventbureau 3vents
  • Eventbureau Conrad Consulting
  • Re-inventing is in our nature

Re-inventing is in our nature

Virtual reality tour through mining history at C-Mine

Cycling through the water at Belgium’s only national park

Descend into the mine shaft at the old mine location in Beringen

A multi-culinary tour in multi-cultural Genk

Taste different types of Jenever in ‘Jenever City’, Hasselt

Race around the track at Zolder by bicycle, Tesla or scooter

Re-experience the Mysteries of Bilzen during a multi-media night-time tour chock full of surprises